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Bob Seay


Regardless of who is President, and at this point that looks like Biden, there are some hard truths that we must face.

Half of the country hates Democratic policies or the Democratic Party so much that they are willing to reelect a known liar and authoritarian and the political party that supports him. It might be more accurate to say they hate what they perceive to be Democratic policies since most of them could not accurately describe Democratic or Progressive positions because of the aforementioned lies from the GOP and its allies. But perception is a reality in politics, and just under half of America has reaffirmed that it believes in what Donald Trump stands for.

Half the country is OK with the use of potentially deadly force on peaceful protesters. Half of us have no problem with separating families and putting children in cages. Half of us think it’s OK for a President to encourage and enrage white nationalism in the name of accomplishing a political objective. Either that or they hate Democratic policies so much that they are willing to sacrifice those lives and their values if it means defeating Democrats.

Half of us are either OK with racism, systemic and individual, or that half has decided that racism is an acceptable price for political power. Same with misogyny. Same with xenophobia, homophobia, and just general hate.

As a nation, half of us – if not more – think the continued consolidation of wealth into the hands of a select few is good, even if it means other people go without homes, food, healthcare, or education.

Half of us are OK with almost a quarter of a million deaths – so far – from a virus that could have been contained by a competent government and basic consideration for the health of others. We are not only uneducated about science, half of us are actually anti-science, preferring lies, wishful thinking, superstition, and delusions.

Instead of being informed by facts and faith, half of us only want science that tells us we’re right and a religion that justifies our hatred and excuses our moral failures.

We can remove Trump. Mitch McConnell will eventually either leave the office or die or whatever it is that his species does, but he will not reign forever. Democrats may even win the White House for generations after this.

How do we win over the 48% of Americans who voted for Trump?


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