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Bob Seay


Heroes are people who achieve what we wish we could accomplish, if only we had the courage, abilities, resources, or toughness to do the same.

What does it say when you say Trump is your hero?

It means you wish you had the courage to laugh at women who survive the sexual assault and attempted rape. It means that when a woman says that the thing that haunts her most about her assault is her assailant’s laughter, you make sure that people laugh at her.

It means that you wish you had the ability to insult POWs, to negate their service, to claim that veterans with PTSD just “aren’t tough enough” to take it. It means you insult veterans who died in the service of a cause greater than themselves. It means ridiculing and insulting families who made real sacrifices, something you cannot possibly understand.

If Trump is your hero, it means that you wish you had the resources to cheat the very country that made your wealth possible out of hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes that could be invested in defense, education, infrastructure, you name it. You had the courage to stand up against anything that might contribute to the common good.

It means being very tough on people who have absolutely no power whatsoever – the children of immigrants, parents who have given all they have to make a better life for their families, and people who actually had to make it on their own because their daddy couldn’t cover for their mistakes.

It means embracing a moral code that celebrates rape, mental abuse, physical torture, unjust imprisonment, lying, and the absolute abuse of power. It means withholding food, medicine, and shelter from people who work hard but have nothing. It means giving even more to those who already have more than they deserve and making sure someone else pays for it.

Trump is no hero. He’s not even a man.


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